Reaction by Viora will give you the firmer, tighter, younger looking skin that you desire.  It is a completely safe, non-invasive and effective treatment to tighten lax, sagging skin and improve texture.  Radiofrequency (RF) energy heats the dermis and stimulates collagen synthesis to strengthen existing collagen fibers.  As we age, our collagen network breaks down and becomes disorganized, causing laxity and wrinkles.  Applying RF heat tightens and reorganizes the network….just like a sweater or a pair of jeans shrinking in a high heat dryer!

What will Reaction do for me?

  • Tighten sagging skin and redefine facial contours
  • Minimize wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lift brows and open up the eye area
  • Reduce jowls and “marionette” lines
  • Reduce a double chin and lift the neck area
  • Reduce fat volume in the cheek and chin areas

What should I expect?

Your face will be cleansed and an ultrasound gel will be applied to protect the outer layer of the skin.  Once the treatment begins, you will feel a heating sensation with a light pulse as the applicator is moved over the treated area.  The treatment is comfortable with no downtime.  You are free to go back to your day immediately following the procedure.  The number of treatments will vary depending on your goals, but at least 3-5 sessions are generally recommended for optimal results.  Each session will last anywhere from 20 to 70 minutes depending on whether you are “spot treating” or treating the whole face and neck.

Are there any side effects or contraindications?

Side effects are rare and temporary and can include discomfort, redness, bruising, hives, crusting, and burning.

Contraindications include:

  • Skin diseases in the treatment area
  • Tattoo or permanent makeup in the treatment area
  • Pregnancy and six months post-delivery
  • Cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, or other implanted electrical devices
  • Blood disorders and use of blood thinners
  • Cancer/HIV
  • Diabetes
  • Uncontrolled thyroid disease